About Our Shop

We offer functional goods made by hand and chosen with thought.  Some are local to the county, some are British, some are European and some are international. In the latter, we ensure the goods are fairly and honestly traded and in some instances empower the lives of working women or are part of schemes which teach new skills. Our stock is chosen with an accent on every day life and running a household.

The Artisan Maker was created out of an interest in artisan skills and a yearning to see more things readily available made by people not machines. Machinery plays an important role in the modern world of course, but pleasure can be gained from handling an item, and using it daily or weekly, and being able to say 'I know about the person or people who made this'. Also, to be able to make something -  and learn a skill and be good at it - is one of life's simple pleasures. This shop, in its own small way, supports those people and hopes to inspire more.

The owner also organises a number of craft and handmade events - please keep an eye on our newsfeed or pick up a flyer in the shop.



Make well what needs to be made.  Everything we stock is useful, has purpose and makes everyday living more pleasurable. Of course, you can give our stock as gifts but we also hope you will see its functionality for your own home.

Supporting skills

We cannot lose our skills. Our shop supports artisan skills and the artisan maker. Every day, skilled makers are designing and making goods which become part of our lives.