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Whisky Oak Cask Frames

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Our customers love these beautiful frames, which are carefully and individually handmade in Scotland. They are perfect to give as a gift with a special photo in place or to display a photo from an important family or personal event.  They are beautiful! 

The frames are made from no-longer-needed weathered oak whisky casks. Each one is unique and as such the images here are a guide but we guarantee each one is delightful. A number on the back will allow you to know where your frame's cask originated. An authentic piece of Harris Tweed provides the backing for your treasured photograph.  

Whisky casks have metal hoops around them; these have not gone to waste! The frames have a section of hoop as part of their design.  They have either no hoops, one hoop at the bottom or hoop at top and bottom. The 'no hoops' and 'one hoop' designs can either be hung or self-stand.  The 'two hoops' design can be hung or displayed landscape or portrait (a screw-in support enables this).

The 'no hoop' and 'one hoop' designs are cut from the top of the cask. Each is different but approximately they are 24cm x 25cm. 

The 'two hoops' design is cut from the 'bulging' middle of the cask. Each is unique but approximately measures 30cm x 25cm.

You put your photo in by carefully unscrewing the screws which hold the Perspex in place, then replacing.