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Rugs made from Recycled Plastic Bottle

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Our popular rugs are ethically made from recycled plastic bottles. We have a number of sizes available. Please see below, and call us so we can help. We can let you know what colours and sizes we have (or we can order them for you); we are very happy to send images.

We genuinely have these rugs at home, and wholeheartedly recommend them. They are soft, tough and best of all, washable! Officially, hand wash with a mild detergent but unofficially we tell our customers that the smallest size washes in a machine on a COLD wash with a low spin and no fabric conditioner (just a little detergent) very happily. Always dry naturally; never tumble.

All sizes (cms): 110 x 60 (£40) / 150 x 90 (£85) / 240 x 70 runner (£105) / 180 x 120 (£130) / 240 x170 (£240) / 300 x 250 (£430).

We also have a number of LIV 90cm x 60 cm rungs in stock (£39).

Please do call Amy or Steve during opening hours so we can help -01522 567387.