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Ostrich Feather Duster (50cm, 70cm, Telescopic)

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Our Ostrich Feather Dusters (by Dustease) are designed for dusting naturally so you can reduce the amount of aerosols and chemicals which you may currently be using. Dusting with feathers is fast and effective eco-friendly! Plus the dusters look great and much nicer than those static-filled multi-coloured creations which last five minutes...

How do they dust so well? Ostrich feathers have millions of separate, wispy filaments that collect and hold the dust rather than just move it about. Our dusters leave no electrostatic charge so metal, glass and plastic stay dust free longer.

The dusters are manufactured to the highest standard and contain only top grade feathers. We have asked the maker about the feathers; they are a product of the meat industry which values both meat and hide, so the ostriches are well cared for.

To release trapped dust, a quick shake is all it takes. The feathers can be washed in warm soapy water, rinsed and air dried.

The 50cm (£15) and 70cm (£25 including £7 postage surcharge ) options have fixed, sturdy wooden handles. The telescopic version (£37 including £7 postage surcharge) is easy to use and store. It extends from 125cm to 225cm - we use this version in the shop as we have tall ceilings plus we also use it at home. We can personally recommend the dusters!