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Beautiful Food Boards for Serving or Prep

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(Please note that the images shown are sample images as each board is unique. If you have particular requests, for example you would like natural knots - or not - then please call us. Otherwise we will choose you a board from our stock. Please also note that the cost includes a £10 postal surcharge; they are £39 in the shop if you buy in person.)

Made locally to us by Shane, who has a real empathy for the wood's natural beauty, our one piece serving platters are made from solid oak that has been felled in Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire as part of the area's tree management. The live edge is retained so we can enjoy the tree's natural shape and beauty. All measurements different but they are approximately 46cm (not including the handle) by 18cm at the narrowest point by 2.5cm thick.

Each one is hand-crafted and beautifully finished. Perfect for everyday kitchen use but also ideal for serving tapas, charcuterie, cheese etc. Rub a little food safe oil (olive or rapeseed for example) into the board now and then to give it a 'drink'.