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Alice in Wonderland Handmade Coasters (eight available individually)

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Handmade in Lincoln, our lovely popular ‘The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland’ plaster coasters. 

Available individually or select all eight for a rather fabulous gift! These are beautifully made. They measure approx. 9cm x 9cm; they are approx. 1cm deep and have four secure silicon feet to protect your furniture.

Inspiration as explained by the makers:

"The characters in Alice in Wonderland and Alice through the Looking Glass hardly need any introduction as they are recognisable and established images. The nature and behaviour of each character has been captured imaginatively in John Tenniel’s 19th century illustrations.  It is these illustrations that have inspired our Alice drawings, resized and reworked to sit perfectly on the Alice coaster collection. We have kept as true as possible to the original, drawing into wax to retain the essence of the original illustrations. Drawing into wax gives an engraved finish, which is captured on the finished stone plaster coaster. Likewise the printing of Tenniel's drawings required engraving made by the Brothers Dalziel in deal wood. The original wood blocks are held in the Bodleian Library, Oxford."

"Our work is totally handmade from the initial drawing in wax, the making of a silicone mould, casting in superior plaster to hand colouring and coating. Each coaster is hand coloured, so no two coasters will be exactly the same. "

Coasters should only be wiped with a damp cloth to clean. They are not suitable for dishwashers.

Dodo coaster

‘Why, she, of course,’ said the Dodo, pointing to Alice with one finger….’

Cheshire Cat coaster

‘The cat only grinned when it saw Alice. It looked good-natured, she thought: still it had very long claws and a great many teeth, so she felt it needed to be treated with respect.’

The Queen of Hearts coaster

‘The Queen turned crimson with fury, and, ……screamed “Off with her head! Off –“’

Alice coaster

‘The chief difficulty Alice found at first was in managing her flamingo…’

The White Rabbit coaster

‘... the White Rabbit blew three blasts on the trumpet, and called out, ‘First witness!”..’

The Hatter coaster

I beg pardon, your Majesty,” he began, “for bringing these in: but I hadn't quite finished my tea when I was sent for.”

Tweddledum and Tweddledee coaster

‘”Contrariwise,’ continued Tweedledee, ‘if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn't, it ain't. That’s logic.”’

White Knight coaster

“’I see you're admiring my little box,’ the Knight said in a friendly tone. ‘It's my own invention- to keep clothes and sandwiches in.”’