Our cast iron favourite featured in the Bailgate Independent

A cast iron favourite at The Artisan Maker

The cast and spun iron cooking and baking equipment we stock (made in Shropshire by Netherton Foundry using traditional casting methods) is featured in the current Bailgate Independent. We have reproduced their article here, with their permission.

Cooking and baking by cast and spun iron is very appealing due to its excellent heat retention and distribution qualities (with no ‘hot spots’) plus the bowls and pans are very difficult to bend, warp, dent or scratch! Once brought up to heat, cast and spun iron is ideal for browning and searing meat as well as slow cooking. In fact, much-loved TV cook Nigella Lawson used some of Netherton Foundry’s products in her last series. The Artisan Maker stocks a selection of the product range, and can arrange for larger heavier pieces to be delivered direct to the customer.

Netherton Foundry is a family-owned business located in South Shropshire, sited in the heart of the birthplace of the European Industrial Revolution (the 18th century's ‘Silicon Valley’!). Today, with the heavy iron and coal industries a fraction of what they were, Netherton Foundry remains inspired by the 18th and 19th centuries' Shropshire Iron masters, especially Abraham Darby. Its range is perfect for cooks and bakers with everything from iron tagines (with a ceramic lid) to iron loaf tins.